Dating Men: Choosing Romance or Reality

Do you want Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now?

Your dating approach when meeting a man is best directed at whatever goal you can see yourself accomplishing with this particular man. Let’s say you’re commitment minded but you’re just looking for something casual down the line. You wouldn’t want to start off dating a sensitive man with all of the qualities you love in an attempt to catch a boy toy. Reality is that fine line between infatuation and love. The experience could break in either direction causing a chain reaction of events to start a relationship.

Basics of Online Dating

Likewise if you are looking for Prince Charming I wouldn’t recommend trying to find him at a bar (but hey it could happen.) Be clear in your expectations for both the man you want to date and yourself. Be honest with yourself about what it is that you want and what you might be willing to sacrifice to have it. Yes, ladies this might involve some selflessness! This means not settling until you find Mr. Right. If you’re slightly disenchanted by the dating process you might end up aiming for Mr. Right now and there is nothing wrong with living in the present. Just realize that with this type of relationship nothing is for certain and many times it’s back to the drawing board after a short time.

About Romance

Romance by definition is Noun: Love, esp. romantic love idealized for its purity or beauty.

This definition by heart is that overwhelming sweeping rush of loving emotions that takes over you sometimes when you least expect it. Romance is the act of wanting to please someone emotionally and to be pleased on a level to remove you from reality. Romance can take you to places you never knew existed. Some people never love in a romantic way and can’t understand what people are talking about when they say love and romance takes your breath away. Believing in the power of the human heart and emotions to care for someone in a way that extends beyond reason or explanation is part of it. Wooing someone or sweeping them off their feet would be inclusive in the theory. Whirlwind love includes wanting another and wanting to be wanted in an almost magical way. You believe in your heart that Mr. Right is still out there for you to find. Romantics are the optimists in the world that believe in fairytale love stories and soul mates. If you consider yourself to be a romantic then you probably couldn’t see yourself living or loving any other way. Many romantics are artists, poets, and musicians.

About Reality

Reality by definition is Noun: the state of thing as they are or appear to be, rather than as one might wish them to be. This definition by heart believes in what is “real” or tangible. You can’t open yourself to the possibility of being swept off your feet because “that stuff only happens in fairytales.” You might consider yourself to be a realist because you believe only in what you see as what is possible in a romantic relationship. Finding comfort in the fact that you can always rely on reality to stay real is your safe zone. Disbelief in magical feelings or that love can make everything right may bring you comfort. People are ever changing and so are circumstances so you find solace in relying on the unpredictability of life’s changes in the ways of a relationship. Your goal in life is not to find Mr. Right, but to find someone who you can share your life with in a real way.

Can you have both Reality and Romance at the same time?

A relationship based in both reality and romance is very common. People want to be loved in a romantic way but don’t necessarily believe in being swept off of their feet. Searching for a stable situation yet enjoying romantic gestures gives people a sense of peace. Wanting to be loved to the fullest extent is what many couples aim for in life. Moving through a romantic relationship with a healthy sense of cynicism is perhaps the best way to deal with both love and life.